A Plumber for All Seasons

2012–2021 • Super Mario World • finished

A Plumber For All Seasons is a ROM hack of Super Mario World that I worked on from 2012 to 2021. Each world represents a different season — there's a Spring world, a Summer world, a Fall world, and a Winter world. (And some more!)

The core gameplay doesn't stray too far from the original Super Mario World, but almost all of the assets have been changed, and all are custom-made for this hack. I made all the graphics myself (which isn't often done), and some very kind people from the community have put together an original soundtrack. There's also a lot of custom programming, which I partially did myself, but also relied heavily on code resources from the community and many talented hackers lending a helping hand along the way.

A Plumber For All Seasons features:

I cannot, and do not want to, charge money for this hack. It's completely free. However, if (and only if!) you'd like to support the things I do in general, not tied to any specific work, you can:

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