Imit8ion of Drive

June 2018 • finished

R.E.M. songs Driver 8 and Imitation of Life have the exact same chord progression in the verse, meaning the vocals of one can be played over the music of the other and it'll still sound right. Turns out that with only minimal cutting (and tempo adjustments), the rest kind of works too!

I'd been curious for a while what mashing up the two songs would sound like, so after getting hold of the isolated vocal and instrumental tracks for both, I did just that. Playing the vocals of Driver 8 over Imitation of Life resulted in what I named Imit8ion of Drive. Overall, it sounds pretty decent! While I was at it I made the flip side as well, and named it Liver Ate.

This isn't a very polished mashup — I put it together in one afternoon, just to satisfy my curiosity.